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Monday, June 23, 2008

Exceptional, spiritual, moving and profound


Karla Gudeon
Limited edition dry-point engraving

Dear Sara,

I want to send you thanks for your involvement in our ceremony and wedding experience in general. It is hard to know where to begin in expressing our appreciation for you and your work.

Before the wedding, our meetings, phone conversations and emails were all comfortable and exciting. After every one of these interactions, I left feeling so excited about our wedding ceremony and so sure that it would transpire as I imagined. Thank you for all your interest, involvement, input, and inspiration during the preparation times.

On our wedding day, your energy and presence were so calming and warming for me. I loved how you checked in with us before the ceremony and talked to us about starting our relationship anew with a clean slate based on love, about making wishes while walking down the aisle, about being sure to absorb the ceremony experience for at least one moment, and about our soon to be empowered privelidge of sharing blessings for one year. That experience was so grounding and calming that I was able to maintain a sense of presence that I carried into the ceremony.

I loved every element of the ceremony from the bells to the blessings, to the opportunity to say aloud our personal vows, to having our loved ones shout out their blessings, to acknowledging cell phones, to experiencing your smile. Everything was so amazing and remains surprisingly clear in my mind. I feel fortunate to be able to remember and relive this experience.

Again, thank you. Thank you for creating for us such a phenomenal ceremony and experience, thank you for all your love and groundedness, thank you for sharing with us traditions and spirituality, thank you for your humor and sense of the present, and thank you for sharing yourself with us.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wondrous and Beautiful Experience

Dear Rabbi:

My husband and I so thoroughly enjoyed your wedding service I had to write to tell you! We spoke early on at the reception, just after the doors to the banquet room were opened. We live in LA. I wish you were down here so we could gain more spiritual guidance and fulfillment through your services. When we go up to SF area again we hope to attend one of your Sabbath services.

I am giving your email address and name to friends of ours who live in Piedmont -- they are searching for a new religious worshipping place.

Thanks again for helping to make the wedding event such a wonderous and beautiful experience. We try to live in the white light.


Wonderful and Meaningful Ceremony

Dear Rabbi Sara,

We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding the special day that it was. I don't think the ceremony would have been as wonderful and meaningful as it was if we had a different officiant. We believe our finding you to officiate was truly meant to be. You did such a beautiful job and helped bring a deeper and more spiritual meaning to our ceremony. It was so amazing that our non-Jewish family and friends felt so happy about the ceremony, so inclusive.

Even now we are still hearing regular compliments on our wedding. More than a few of our parents' friends and our older family members have expressed that it was the best wedding they have even been to and one of the most beautiful ceremonies. And many of our friends have joked that they would convert to have such a lovely ceremony when they get married--but I know you do just as beautiful a job for your non-Jewish couples.

You became a very important part of our day and we really wanted to share some of the photos with you. We hope you enjoy them and know what a sense of meaning you helped bring to our wedding.

Thank you so very much!

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