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Thursday, December 17, 2009

one drop of oil

I was at a Chanuka party tonight and a newcomer to Jewish community
was being asked what the main teaching of Chanuka is. She started
speaking about the miracle of the oil, and as she did I thought of the
real miracle of Chanuka: that an out numbered, ill-equipped minority
can win out again & again against a larger, stronger force. One person
alone can make this difference. The main teaching of Chanuka is
that we bring light into the darkness and suddenly the darkness is
dispelled. We cannot dispel darkness with anger, more darkness.
Only with light. The Chanuka story is that we are all made of light.

It seems true to me that another side of this dredyl is that something
held out longer than it should have been able to. Maybe it was oil.
Basically the Rabbis didn't want a holiday about war, so the grace
of the oil lasting spoke of God's sustenance. It is also true that
those who fought the darkness lasted longer than they probably
thought they could, fought more bravely, attracted more free-
dom fighters to their side. What sustained is the same light
we try and shine out into the world. A light in the wilder-
ness. This we give each other. It is the kindness of a
stranger when we need it most. It is an unexpected
hug from our kids. It is the words, "I love you."
It's even just a simple smile, a one line email, a
hand extended and grasped. We cannot
survive without these and they help us go
on when we think we are not able to go
on. This is what we give each other.
Know that the smallest gesture is
the oil for another's lamp.Do not
withhold this and it will not be
withheld from you. Love is
only increased the more
we spend it. Be the light.

Many blessings to you,

Rabbi Sara Shendelman
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